Social Revolution: Part 1 – Reading

Is it just me, or is the world we live in changing at a mind-blowing pace? Call me crazy, but I honestly think that we’re in the midst of what will one day be widely known as the Social Revolution. My parents will never understand it, but for us Millennials, it’s gotten to the point that we want to be social in every daily activity we engage in.

This is the first part of a series of posts that I am going to write about things we do on a daily basis that are quickly becomming more social than ever before!

Social Reading

That’s right… reading used to be something that people did alone, over a cup of coffee or maybe snuggled up in front of a fire. Not anymore!

There are a few ways that reading has evolved into a social activity. We’ll start with the introduction of E-Readers.

Not only did these products make it easier to read by allowing you to hold an entire library in the palm of your hand, they also connected your friends and followers to your progress. I bought a Nook for my girlfriend this Christmas, and I was delighted (surprise, surprise) to discover the social feature on it. From the Nook, I could let the online world know what books and magazines I was reading at that moment.

Second, I began to notice a few months ago that the Wall Street Journal had developed a Facebook App. Showing up daily on my news feed were the titles of articles that my friends had read from the WSJ! It is still in Beta, but the WSJ is the only publication that I have encountered personally that allows users to share articles that they have read with their Facebook friends. By leveraging the already powerful Facebook, WSJ ensured maximum publicity for their app, and I think this will only pick up speed with time.

There are other social reader apps as well, and my favorite is Flud. It’s an app available for iPhone and iPad, and allows users to pull feeds from all over the web into one place.

Before my iPhone, I would wake up in the morning and check each of my favorite blogs and newspapers for my daily news. Now, with Flud, I have them all in one place! What’s better yet is that the interface of Flud is awesome. By sliding my finger, I scroll from one source to the next. Furthermore, I can seperate feeds into different categories. For example, I can have politics in one category of feeds, business in another, and social media news in yet another. Big or small, you can add pretty much anything to Flud. (I love reading my own blog on the app!)

So what makes Flud social?

First, Flud makes it super easy to post articles directly to Facebook and Twitter, and even has its own link-shortener.

Second, with its recent 2.0 release, Flud became a social arena themselves. In other words, users don’t have to share their favorite articles through Facebook or Twitter, they can “Flud it” to their followers.

In the app, users can follow others and get notified of what they read, and vice versa. By following people with similar interests, you can ensure that you will have a never ending stream of new sources and articles to read at all times.

There are other apps that are similar to Flud, but there are a few reasons why I like it so much.

  • The Flud team never stops working. I mean it, updates are always in progress, and they’re always listening to their users.
  • The Flud team is really engaging on Twitter. The Flud Twitter account has probably mentioned me 10-15 times, and they genuinely love to converse with their users. Even the founder, Bobby Ghoshal, has been known to strike up conversations, unprovoked.

Maybe it’s just me, but this kind of engagement online means a lot to me. In fact, that’s exactly the reason that the Social Revolution is happening in the first place… We all just want to be connected to people with similar interests, make friends, and talk to people, right? Flud does it better than anyone else.

I have said it before… all social media sites need users to survive. Without a lot of users, the social function of Flud loses its appeal.

Since you’re reading my blog, you probably read other things that I’m interested in, and I would love to see those articles! That’s why I’m strongly urging you to join Flud! (And connect with me, once you do)

The days of one big newspaper trying to cover everything are over. Together, we can improve the news that we read every day and personalize it to our own specific interests. That’s a Social Revolution… Are you on board?

3 thoughts on “Social Revolution: Part 1 – Reading

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