Start Spreading the News

On March 25, Delta Airlines began it’s new flight schedule that boasted non-stop service from Rochester International to Laguardia. As a guy that lives around Rochester, I think it’s an awesome addition and something that Delta can definitely capitalize on. Some of the advertising that Delta used to kick-off the new service really caught my eye as well.

This is an ad that ran in Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle a few weeks before the service began.

I love the headline because of the wordplay. Not only is it simply the name of a city and state, New York, New York also serves as an introduction at the same time.

In the same way that a third party would introduce two friends to each other, Delta is introducing one part of New York State to the other. If you live in New York, you’re probably aware that upstate and downstate could basically be different states. But Delta Airlines is going to change that by making it easier to get from one part to the other.

Excuse the poor quality, but I took this picture when I was in New York City last month. That is a massive billboard posted on Madison Square Garden. Once again, “New York, New York” serves two functions. In this case, the advertisement is posing a question and addressing the question’s target after it. Or, is the advertisement using “New York, New York” as a city-state relationship?

Regardless, the wording makes you think about the meaning and makes you spend more time thinking about Delta Airlines.

In my opinion, the non-stop service that Delta introduced is targeting business executives from across the state. Think about it – Non-stop service means that business travelers can get to meetings as soon as possible and get back home as soon as possible. That means that they might not need to spend money on things like a hotel for the night. Delta also boasts wi-fi capabilities on more flights than any other airline, and individual power sources for laptops and other electronics. In other words, business travelers can spend more time getting work done, and less time traveling.

What do you think about the advertisements? Do you think Delta will make money on this non-stop service?

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