Warning: do not attempt drinking without Tweeting!

I have a Marketing professor that talks a lot about influences on demand. In other words, why we buy the products that we buy on a daily basis. One of the things that this guy says repeatedly is that alcohol is marketed in a social manner. If you haven’t noticed, all alcohol commercials feature friends hanging out and having a good time together. Dr. Weaver once said,

“I don’t drink my Budweiser at home by myself, folks. If I did… well, I would have a pretty significant problem on my hands!”

The man has a point – drinking is usually something we do with friends in social settings.

On a related note, have you ever noticed that some industries are represented very well on Twitter, while others don’t participate in online conversation as much? For example, people that work in social media or public relations are bound to be on Twitter more because their jobs depend on it to an extent.

I don’t think it’s coincidence that I have found alcohol brands and fans to be a very represented group in the Twittersphere. Specifically, craft and micro-brewed beers have a passionate fan-base. If drinking is a social activity, it makes sense for that social need to overflow into online spaces.

I know that personally, when I’m drinking an adult beverage, I usually find myself tempted to tweet about it to show my support for some of my favorite brands, like Blue Moon, Magic Hat, Harpoon, and Rohrbach’s to name a few.

Smart brands keep this in mind when designing labels for their beer bottles. Giving me something to tweet pretty much ensures that I’ll follow through with the action. For example, I simply can’t help myself – I have to tweet the quirky sayings on every Magic Hat cap that I open.

Not only do I usually mention @MagicHat in my tweets, I also include #MagicHatCaps. I am aware that I am only one person, so you might wonder if I really have any effect in stirring up online buzz for Magic Hat… But I’m not the only one that does this. In fact, check out these Twitter accounts:

Last night, I had a Harpoon IPA, and I stumbled across the brand’s simple tagline written on the bottle :

Love Beer, Love Life

Well I obviously couldn’t control the urge to reach for my iPhone and tweet the line. I even mentioned @Harpoon_Brewery in it. Within a few minutes, I was greatly impressed with how responsive the brewery was, as well as with others the brand’s followers.

Within minutes, two other people Re-tweeted my simple tweet, and one other replied back with a “Cheers!”

Harpoon really embraces social media. In addition to the brand’s very interactive Twitter account, they also utilize their tagline as the title of the brand’s blog!

So with all of the engaging that breweries participate in online with their fans, I have to ask the question that’s on all of our minds…

Is it okay to drink alone now, as long as I tweet about it?

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