Captain Morgan steps into the Black

I recently saw a commercial that I just had to put a little spotlight on. It’s for a new Captain Morgan product – Captain Morgan Black.

I absolutely love the contrast that Captain Morgan portrays here. The scene is set in the 1600s and begins at a very prim and proper party. The music is boring and the dancing is prescribed, almost expressionless.

As soon as the eyes of the two main characters meet, however, there is an instant shift in attitude, accompanied by a change in music to something a bit more edgy and exciting.

Running through the alleys and caves of the castle is one of my favorite parts, especially for the second that the silhouettes appear to be upside down, as if they’re running on the ceiling.

Finally, we arrive to the real party… A crowded, noisy feast filled with sexual tension, alcohol, and fun. And immediately, the female character is thrilled.

At the end, our Captain puts out the candle-light. Black.

The commercial is just like the brand proclaims the rum to be: darker and bolder.

I can’t wait to step into the Black. Can you?


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