Starbucks and Crown Royal face America’s issues head-on

Today at work, I was lucky enough to notice two eye-catching stories on Twitter. Both involve a national brand using some outstide-the-box marketing strategies.

And, both campaigns make me love the brands even more.

Starbucks July 4 Indivisible Coffee

Starbucks is giving away free coffee on July 4 to unite the nation.

Crown Royal - Safe Rides Home

Crown Royal sponsors a program called Safe Rides Home

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From Cars to Cupcakes: Etiquette and Advice

This afternoon I was fortunate enough to hear Heather Saffer, the “head cupcake” from Dollop Gourmet Cupcake Creations and Eric Miltsch, director of product strategy for DrivingSales and co-creator of CarZar speak about their success in using social media in their very different businesses.

(Big thanks to both Eric and Heather for the great event and inspiration!)

What sticks out to me most from this event is that, yes, social media is a way to connect to consumers. And, yes, social media helps a business’ search engine optimization efforts.

But, more importantly, social media is a way to tell a story to a mass of people that wouldn’t otherwise hear it.

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