Starbucks and Crown Royal face America’s issues head-on

Today at work, I was lucky enough to notice two eye-catching stories on Twitter. Both involve a national brand using some outstide-the-box marketing strategies.

And, both campaigns make me love the brands even more.

Starbucks July 4 Indivisible Coffee

Starbucks is giving away free coffee on July 4 to unite the nation.

Crown Royal - Safe Rides Home

Crown Royal sponsors a program called Safe Rides Home

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How Starbucks builds loyal customers

Have you ever noticed that people are really loyal to their favorite coffee brand? Dunkin’ Donuts, Tim Horton’s, or Starbucks… some people get completely offended at the thought of drinking coffee that isn’t their preference.

I’m one of them! I love Starbucks, and my Twitter bio even says so. But what’s really weird is that in a taste test, I probably couldn’t tell the difference. So what makes Starbucks so much better, in my opinion?

Starbucks is a Millennial business

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