LinkedIn side-steps a crisis situation

Would anyone be surprised to know that LinkedIn is the third most popular social networking site in the world? That’s right – only behind Facebook & Twitter. You don’t hear about LinkedIn nearly as much as some other, smaller sites like Pinterest and Instagram, and yet, according to the site’s blog, it reached the 100 million-member mark last March. Furthermore, I discovered today that LinkedIn accounts for over 50% of web referral traffic at a company that I work for. That’s a lot.

And so, when more than 6.5 million user passwords are leaked, and the site is hacked into, it’s somewhat of an issue. In fact, that scenario has crisis written all over it. And that’s exactly what transpired today!

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Can Twitterships be as effective as relationships?

For a long time, I have been a huge advocate of using online, social media platforms to make connections with professionals in one’s given field of choice. Specifically, I think it’s a great tool for students and young professionals who haven’t found the best fitting job for them yet.

To name a few, Twitter makes connecting easy because following does not need to be mutual. In other words, you don’t have to be accepted by a person in order to follow them.

Conversely, LinkedIn, known as the professional social

network, is great for connecting because connections on the site are generally only made between people who actually do have a legitimate offline relationship. In other words, it’s more authentic.

I want to clarify this a bit further, though.

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