LPGA is getting social in Pittsford, NY

For the first time, LPGA players will display their Twitter handles on prime real estate:

their caddies. 

Best of all, this is happening in Pittsford, NY, not far from home for me!

Once again I will say it: the Social Revolution is upon us!

What do you think? Is this a good idea for the LPGA?

Social Revolution: Part 3 – Politics

Is it just me, or is the world we live in changing at a mind-blowing pace? Call me crazy, but I honestly think that we’re in the midst of what will one day be widely known as the Social Revolution: My parents will never understand it, but for us Millennials, it’s gotten to the point that we want tob e social in every daily activity we engage in.

This is the third part of a series of posts I am going to publish about things we do on a daily basis that are quickly becoming more social than ever before! Click for Part 1 and Part 2 of the Social Revolution Series.

***This is a guest post by Mark Trova. Read more about him at the bottom of the page, and make sure to follow him for great reporting on business and politics.

This just in: Social Media is growing.

Not much of a news flash?

Here’s another one: Social Media is affecting the Republican Primary, and will affect the election between incumbent Barack Obama and whoever wins the primary.

This may not shock anyone, but the extent to which this is true might surprise some.

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